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​                                                         MARCH 2018
Meetings at the Gillette House will still be on hold, as the Town is in the process of repairs to the building. There is so much "red tape" for them to clear before any work can be done. We hope as the weather gets nicer, actual repairs can begin. Keep you fingers crossed!!

We are still in the process of searching for a temporary meeting place. Several bldgs are either not available in the evenings, or the fee to rent the space is costly. We will continue to update our website, email everyone, and post on Facebook. We thank the many members who are helping in the search, and we welcome more volunteers to help us.

We currently have an exhibit at Jeffersons Ferry, and as a reminder to those participating, pick up of your artwork is April 27th 12:30 sharp.

Our next exhibit will be at the Port Jefferson Village Center, May.Specific info will be announced at a later date. 

We have lanyards (name tag/business card holders) for sale .50 cents. Can purchase at any meeting.

We will be seeking artists who can perform a demo for us. If yourself, or someone you know, please contact us. We would love to gain inspiration from fellow artists!

Member Carol Musac has display stands for sale, along with many accessories. Please email us for further information...  wetpaintsstudio@yahoo.com


Model for Tuesday portrait sittings paid $30.00  please call Doug Broadhurst or 
 e-mail at Captblue715@juno.com